Gothenburg Curated Tour

1 hours
Göteborg C

Mimmi Smith - Urban Natives

Köpmansgatan 11A, 411 06 Göteborg

39 murals from ArtMadeThis

Drottninggatan 65

Josefin Eklund, Maria Pohl - The wounded divas

Östra Larmgatan 11, 411 07 Göteborg

Koralie & SupaKitch - Peace dove

Östra Hamngatan 52, 411 08 Göteborg

Mimmi Andersson, Merete Lassen - Queen Bee

Kungsgatan 63, 411 08 Göteborg

Joakim Stampe - Donation X

Vallgatan 42, 411 16 Göteborg

Maria Pohl

Kyrkogatan 27, 411 15 Göteborg

Ellen Alström - Waiting for the icebreaker

Kyrkogatan 20, 411 15 Göteborg

Linda Spåman - One more day

Vallgatan 16, 411 16 Göteborg

Ebba Chambert - Jai ma

Vallgatan 19, 411 16 Göteborg

Shai Dahan, Inkie - Gentleman

Västra Hamngatan 27, 411 17 Göteborg

Llefen Carrera - Natures Dust

Södra Larmgatan 1, 411 20 Göteborg

Sophie Mess

Magasinsgatan 17, 411 16 Göteborg

Sandra Betancort - Prismas

Vallgatan 4, 411 16 Göteborg

SCEB - Urban Jungle

Vallgatan 7, 411 16 Göteborg

Angelica Lucaci

Kungsgatan 32, 411 19 Göteborg

Alina Vergnano - Stand Still

Kyrkogatan 5, 411 15 Göteborg

Amanda Karlsson - Uncanny Valley

Skeppsbroplatsen 1, 411 21 Göteborg

Joakim Stampe - Donation X

Lasarettsgatan 2, 411 19 Göteborg

Rafael Alencar - Pantanal - Sista konstverket

Esperantoplatsen 2, 411 21 Göteborg

The city centre of Gothenburg is busy, lively and filled with world class urban art. We created a route that will take you among some of the best works, but be sure that new artworks can pop up around any corner.

Gothenburg Central Station
Go ahead and follow our route as you explore a lot of what street art organization Art Made This has done throughout the years. Art Made This has helped emerging artists reach a myriad of walls around Gothenburg city center and you’ll find them sprawled along all the other murals and paintings. Their most recent creations in the area can be found in a multistorey car park, where 39 murals can be found!
Gothenburg Central Station
Östra Hamngatan 52
Stop at Kungsportsplatsen and have a look at the magnificent bird done by Koralie & Supakitch, created during Artscapes 2016 project in the city.
Östra Hamngatan 52
Vallgatan 42
Next, let’s have a look for a part of Joakim Stampe’s Donation X project. Often consisting of faces painted on stones in the urban environment, the Donation X project sets focus on the art of gifting.
Vallgatan 42
Västra Hamngatan 27
On the back of Pixbar you’ll find the collaborative piece “Gentleman” by Shai Dahan and Inkie.
Västra Hamngatan 27
Södra Larmgatan 1-3
Strömstad-born Lleffen Carrera blends abstract art and portraits often using leaf gold as part of her process.
Södra Larmgatan 1-3
Magasinsgatan 17
On the small square at Magasinsgatan above the cafes and restaurants (all worth a visit), you’ll find the large pieces by British Sophie Mess. Mess often uses flowers as part of her motifs and the story goes that these Rhododendrons were actually photographed here in Sweden as she was doing a project in Strömstad.
Magasinsgatan 17
Vallgatan 4-7
Continue to explore the works curated by Art Made This, this time around its local hero SCEB who take on the urban jungle in her distinct style. Just down the street, another street art organization helping to shape the look of Gothenburg are Sätt färg på, as this mural by Sandra Betacort is proof of.
Vallgatan 4-7
Skeppsbroplatsen 1
During the construction of Västlänken, The Swedish Department of Traffic has allowed artists to paint the walls of the construction sites. You’ll find them all around central Gothenburg but we advise you to take a walk along Stora Badhusgatan to Esperantoplatsen to experience some of the works that have been added.
Skeppsbroplatsen 1
Esperantoplatsen 2
At Esparantoplatsen you'll find one of the winners of the art contest “Art 21”. The Brazilian artist Rafael Alencar made the design for this as part of a Sätt Färg på project. There’s plenty of good restaurants around Esperantoplatsen so feel free to stay and have something to eat before you continue. There’s much art left to see around the city.
Esperantoplatsen 2

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