About us

WSSAT is an initiative led by urban art organisation Artscape, created with the vision to gather and catalogue the street art of West Sweden, and connect it with admirers from all over the world. 

West Sweden (Gothenburg, Borås and surrounding municipalities) is rich with street art. Several successful projects and a large line-up of international and Swedish artists have made an impressive impact on the area, hosting more than 250 curated pieces of public urban art. 

A selection of organisations, festivals and projects that have contributed to WSSAT:

How does it work?

WSSAT is developed to simplify your own personal street art safari.
Browse through the artwork, pick your favourites and go explore. 

Each mural and piece of art has a corresponding pin on the map for you to discover. Follow the integrated Google maps links to plan your route and favourite the art to your library.

WSSAT is constantly evolving to involve more and more artwork from the area. If you are an artist or organisation who wants to be represented in the project you are welcome to contact us and we will be in touch!

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