Lerum is a small, yet dynamic municipality with great aspirations in their environmental work. Their award winning “Växtrum” (“Garden Rooms”) and their Fair Trade City diploma marks Lerum as a fair, sustainable and forward thinking municipality. Lerum was also the first in Sweden to have a mural on a town hall, displaying the importance of craftsmanship and quality the municipality is known for.

Green Cities Europe Award

Lerum was nominated to the 2022 Green Cities Europe Award and represented Sweden in the prestigious international contest.

Lerum´s Official Visitor´s Guide

Lerum’s official tourist guide for those planning a visit. Here you will find tips on seasonal activities, attractions, food experiences, accommodation and events that are available in the district. Discover more of Lerum.

Suggested route

Don’t know where to start? Here is a pre-planned route through Lerum that will help you get started on your exploration.

Plan your own route

Equip yourself with the interactive map and set out on a personally planned, colourful journey through rural landscapes and urban settings. Time to explore one of the world’s largest collections of street art!

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What's happening in Lerum?

Looking for more things you can do while you’re in the area? Combine your street art discovery with local festivals, exhibitions, tourist attractions, the best restaurants and the majestic nature of West Sweden.

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