Welcome to Trollhättan! A fascinating city where nature and technology meet in a unique way. Admire the mighty waterfalls and locks along the Göta River or explore the town’s rich film history. With a proud industrial history and a vibrant cultural offering, including lively cafés and restaurants, Trollhättan provides a diverse experience. Whether you’re a nature lover, film buff, or culture enthusiast!


Trollhättan is a town bursting with creativity and is known as Swedens Hollywood or ‘Trollywood’. More than half of Swedens feature films are recorded in and around Trollhättan and they even have their own ‘Walk of fame’.

Trollhättan´s Official Visitors Guide

Trollhättan’s official tourist guide for those planning a visit. Here you will find tips on seasonalactivities, attractions, food experiences, accommodation and events that are available in the district. Discover more of Trollhättan.

Viking History

The islands once belonged to the Norwegian kings during the Viking Age, where they even built houses to reside in in order to be close to their fleet.

Öckerö´s Official Visitor´s Guide

Öckerö offers a pleasant stay among shops, restaurants and fishing boats. Accommodation facilities and many pitches are open all year round. Experience magical nature and exciting sea adventures. Explore more of Öckerö.

Suggested route

Don’t know where to start? Here is a pre-planned route through Öckerö that will help you get started on your exploration.

Plan your own route

Equip yourself with the interactive map and set out on a personally planned, colourful journey through rural landscapes and urban settings. Time to explore one of the world’s largest collections of street art!

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What's happening in Trollhättan?

Looking for more things you can do while you’re in the area? Combine your street art discovery with local festivals, exhibitions, tourist attractions, the best restaurants and the majestic nature of West Sweden.

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